Nina Dobrev’s Diet: Staying Fit Like the Vampire Slayer

Who is Nina Dobrev?

Nina Dobrev is an actress who has starred in the popular TV series, The Vampire Diaries. She was born on November 12th, 1989 (32 years old) in Sofia, Bulgaria. After spending her childhood years in Bulgaria and Greece, she moved to North America with her family when she was 10 years old.

She has played many different roles on The Vampire Diaries including Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce respectively.


The Skinny on Her Diet and Fitness Plans

Nina Dobrev has a gorgeous figure, and she works really hard to keep it in such excellent condition. The Vampire Diaries actress has always maintained a balanced diet and only sometimes wants indulgent dishes.

She makes wise decisions and concentrates on eating meals that are proportionate in size and have the proper mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

A fitness role model for many, the popular actress has just been named as the brand ambassador for the Reebok x Les Mills relationship, in 2017.

She has lately revealed what she consumes on a daily basis in order to maintain her fitness and excellent health. And now, we will learn about Nina Dobrev’s diet plans, as well as her favorite meals and the things she avoids eating altogether.

Nina Dobrev has always been known for her slim, trim figure. But she was never one to show it off or talk about it much. However, that all changed in 2017 when she took to Instagram to share her fitness and diet secrets with the world.

She posted a video on her Instagram account to show followers what her workout routine is like. She also shared the meal plan that she follows each day which consists of oatmeal for breakfast, a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, and grilled chicken with vegetables for dinner.

Nina Dobrev’s fitness routine is not very different from many other Hollywood stars these days; it mainly consists of yoga, pilates, and running on the treadmill. The only difference is that she trains more than the average celebrity (30 minutes per session).


Diet plan

Diet plan

Nina likes eating and cooking, but she is highly disciplined when it comes to her food choices, and she follows three basic guidelines to keep her quantities under control.

Fat that is smaller than the thumb.

Her protein was around the size of her hand.

More and more vegetables.

She places a strong emphasis on nutritious, natural, and organic meals, and she advises people to avoid processed foods. Nina Dobrev’s diet includes proteins such as fish and chicken, fats such as avocado, olive oil, and cheese, and carbohydrates such as sweet potato, fruit, and brown rice. She also consumes as much salad as possible, which is high in fiber and micronutrients.


What does Nina Dobrev eat?

Dobrev has tried a number of different food regimens, including vegan and low-carb alternatives. A clean diet, she realized after many failed tries, is the most helpful for her particular situation. As an alternative to eating three substantial meals a day, she prefers to eat smaller portions many times throughout the day.

The fact that Nina believes she likes eating a lot and that she feels and looks her best when she takes smaller amounts of food is a source of contention. It is in her suitcase that she puts almonds, apples, and dried fruits in case she grows hungry while she is on vacation.

Nina Dobrev meal plan

If you wish to follow Nina Dobrev’s meal plan, here is a list of things that you should have on hand at home:

  • Whole-grain foods
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Coffee
  • Dark green salad
  • Coconut milk
  • Goat cheese
  • Wild rice
  • Almond milk
  • Eggs
  • Salmon, tuna
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Apple

Nina Dobrev’s Diet & Morning Eating Habits

1. Coffee

Most people think of coffee as something that will give them an energy boost. It can also improve your mood and help you focus on tasks that you need to complete. There are many other benefits of drinking coffee, such as reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

2. Protein Shake

Protein shake is a milk-based drink that contains a large amount of protein. This drink is a great option for those who are looking for ways to maintain their weight and strengthen their muscles.

Protein shake is made from milk, blended with fruit or vegetables, and typically contains some kind of protein supplements such as whey or soy. There are many benefits of drinking protein shakes, they include:

  • Provides muscle with the building blocks it needs to recover
  • Improves mood and feelings
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Provides bulk without too much sugar

3. Gluten-free alternatives

Gluten-free options are increasingly being offered in restaurants, grocery stores, and even bakeries.

Some people are gluten intolerant or sensitive to gluten. They may have an allergy to it or have celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where an individual’s body reacts to the gluten protein in wheat (among other grains), rye, and barley. Symptoms of celiac disease vary from person to person but often include stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, and weight loss.

The most common way for people with celiac disease to avoid gluten is by following a strict gluten-free diet that includes only foods made without any form of wheat or any cross-contamination with wheat products.

  1. Salads
    Some people may think that salads are not good for them since they are the main component of the meal. However, some people actually enjoy having a salad and there are many benefits of adding it to their diet.
    Salads provide a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that can be beneficial to our bodies. For example, spinach is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K which is important for healthy bones and strong teeth. They also provide fiber which can help to lower cholesterol levels in your body as well as aid digestion.
    Since salads are low in fat content, it does not leave you feeling hungry or craving anything else after eating them which is beneficial for weight loss. Salads also do not contain any added sugars or unhealthy fats so they will not cause any heart-related complications like high blood.
  2. Snacks
    I like to snack on things sometimes, but I also like to make sure that I am eating healthy.
    Snacks are fun because you can eat them any time of the day. You don’t have to wait for lunch or dinner for a snack. You can even make your own snacks if you want, which is really fun. Snacks can be anything from fruit and vegetables to chips and crackers and even cookies! It’s really up to what you like.
  3. Wine
    While Dobrev confesses to not indulging in too many sweets, she adds that when she wants a special treat, she prefers to sip wine from Fresh Vine Wine, which she co-founded with her closest friend, Julianne Hough, in 2010.
    Rather, she describes it as her “If anything, that’s my guilty pleasure sweet craving at the end of the night.”.

What food Nina Dobrev avoids

Despite being in her early 30s, the well-liked actress is more concerned than ever about what she puts into her body.

Foods Nina Dobrev avoid

She allows herself to indulge in her favorite delicacies from time to time, but she makes an effort to avoid processed meals and refined sugar as much as she can.

In fact, Nina realized that she was gluten intolerant a few years ago. Her food plan is now completely gluten-free, which she says is a blessing. In fact, she does not drink at all and believes that “if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid alcohol.”

In order to remain active and eat healthily, she recommends that you exclude the following things from your diet plan:

  • Foods that are high in fat and calories
  • Meats and vegetables that have been processed
  • Sugar that has been refined
  • Carbohydrates (White)
  • The consumption of red meat
  • Artificial substances
  • Alcohol
  • Additives derived from chemicals

Unhealthy food to remove from your diet

We all know that the consumption of junk food is not the best for our diet. However, it can still be hard to resist its taste and deliciousness. The consumption of junk food can be an attractive temptation that can put us at risk of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

This section will help you to avoid unhealthy foods by providing you with a list of some popular junk foods that are high in sugar, salt, and calories.

A list of junk foods to avoid:

  • Processed foods that are high in refined sugar
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Sugary soft drinks
  • Potato chips
  • Popcorn
  • Crackers
  • Chips
  • Energy drinks
  • Popcorn
  • Soda
  • Coffee Cake

If you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, the best way to do so is to avoid foods that are listed above.

A doughnut can have as many as 290 calories, about the same as a Big Mac. One of these is enough to ruin any diet.

A bag of potato chips can have up to 200 calories, which is more than one whole meal. Imagine what it would be like if you eat 2 or 3 bags?

The cheese on some sandwiches could have 120 calories, which is more than half of what you should consume in an entire day.

Sodas: These drinks always contain sugar and artificial sweeteners that can lead to health problems such as diabetes and obesity over time.

Chips: These snacks consist of a variety of fried potatoes such as fried plantain chips which are very unhealthy for the body due to the high level of fat in them.

How to get a figure like Nina Dobrev

Is Nina Dobrev a competitive gymnast? Yes! Nina used to participate in gymnastics when she was younger, which taught her the importance of putting up a lot of work both inside and outside of the gymnastics facility. For 4-5 hours a day, five days a week, she used to devote her time to physical fitness. Today, Nina maintains her flexibility, and she credits her gymnastics training for helping her achieve a ballerina-like physique.

In spite of the fact that she is an adult, Nina has always liked working out and being in shape. Over the years, her daily routine has changed and developed, but her desire to look and feel her best has remained consistent.

Exercise is something she tries to do five times a week, and she likes experimenting with different types of training to attain a range of goals. Yoga, running, high-intensity interval training, and strength training have all been among her favorite forms of physical activity throughout the years.


Nina Dobrev yoga

Nina is a yoga enthusiast who is well-known for her innate flexibility. She enjoys going to yoga lessons because it allows her to concentrate on her breathing, improve her posture, and build deeper core strength in a safe environment.


Nina has not been running as often as she used to in recent years. She loves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training routines.

But running has always been a passion of Nina’s throughout her life. In order to stay in shape for her role as Nina on The Vampire Diaries, she would go for frequent runs.

Running is her favorite form of cardio, but she also enjoys swimming, cycling, and participating in sports.

Strength training

When Nina began strength training, she claims that everything in her life changed for the better. She has more energy and seems to be more toned than she did before.. Nina felt small and overweight when she did nothing except run and do yoga. Weightlifting has allowed her to become slimmer than she ever imagined possible throughout the years.

That is exactly what I believe! It is recommended that women combine aerobic and weight exercise in order to get a slender, toned figure. The combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training can help you lose weight and tone your body.

A significant amount of weight is used in Nina’s strength training sessions. Keep in mind, though, that Nina is naturally quite thin in appearance. Because of her body type, she does not gain a lot of weight quickly.

What makes Nina, Nina

Nina is quite candid about her workout lifestyle.

  • She works out to music while listening to her iPod! It assists her in getting into the swing of things during a workout and finding her rhythm.
  • She goes to the gym with her buddies. Nina enjoys coming to the gym or participating in a training session with her friends.
  • She surrounds herself with individuals who are upbeat and optimistic. They assist her in achieving her objectives!
  • She goes to the gym first thing in the morning. In the event that she does not exercise until the end of the day, she will feel lethargic and lose her drive.
  • She makes an effort to sweat every day, even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • She is a believer in self-love. Nina concentrates on her achievements and avoids examining her physical appearance in photographs.
  • She does yoga before bed to help her sleep in a more upright position and to decompress from the day.
Nina is a very remarkable lady. She is outgoing, compassionate, and honest about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle! I like the role model she provides to her supporters. It was fascinating to find out more about her personality!