The Ultimate Guide to the Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise

This exercise is a modification of the classic lateral rise exercise and is performed on the side of the body. The user will be standing with their feet wider than shoulder-width apart from one another. Afterward, they will lift their arms to the side and keep them there for 10 seconds.

It is meant to strengthen both the arms and the shoulders simultaneously. The Egyptian Lateral Rise exercise is a version of the conventional lateral raise exercise that is performed on the floor. It can be done with any sort of dumbbells and, if it is too tough to perform both, it can also be done by getting on one knee or standing on one leg instead of doing both.

How to Perform the Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise

The Egyptian Lateral Raise (ELR) is a very obscure and underappreciated exercise in the fitness community. The ELR is a fantastic exercise for strengthening the lateral head of the deltoid muscle.

The ELR may be performed with dumbbells or cables, and it can also be done as a component of an isolation circuit to increase the difficulty. It will be discussed in this post how to do the ELR using dumbbells.

You should feel your pinky finger pointing towards the floor and your thumb pointing upwards towards the ceiling as you are doing this exercise, according to the instructions. Ensure that your back, shoulders, and neck are all actively engaged throughout the lifting of the weight up to the point parallel to your torso where it was at rest. Slouching forward or bending backward will result if you do not maintain this position.

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Benefits of the Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise

Egyptian lateral raise benefits

With the Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise, you may target your upper back and biceps in a fun and effective method.

When it comes to strengthening the muscles in your upper body, this workout is second to none.

Some of the advantages of this activity are as follows:

– The Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise is a great way to tone and build the muscles in your upper back and arms.

– It also helps to enhance flexibility and coordination in the back, arms, and shoulders, among other areas.

– Because the exercise utilizes numerous muscle groups at the same time, it may assist to reduce injuries caused by repeated usage of a single muscle group.

Exercises You Can Do Alongside the Egyptian Lateral Raise Exercise

Here are some exercises you can do alongside the Egyptian lateral raise exercise.

Exercises with lateral exercise

Egyptian cable lateral raise

Exercises like the Egyptian cable lateral raise help to strengthen the muscles in your upper back and shoulders. It is possible to do this exercise using a cable machine, barbell, or dumbbells. The latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and deltoids, as well as the biceps and rhomboids, are all worked during this exercise.

The Egyptian cable lateral raise is one of the most effective workouts for improving your posture, stability, and strength in your shoulders. It is also one of the most difficult exercises. Besides that, it may aid in improving your balance, which will make it simpler to complete other exercises with the correct form and technique in the future. It may also assist with headaches or tension in the neck that can develop from sitting at a computer all day or from bad posture when doing ordinary activities such as walking or standing for extended periods of time.

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Egyptian cable lateral delt raise

The Egyptian cable lateral delt raise is an exercise that targets the muscles in our upper body – the biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

Muscles Used: The primary muscle used in this exercise is the anterior deltoid. The secondary muscles used are the biceps and triceps.

Benefits: This exercise helps to work on your front shoulder muscles, by strengthening them and making them more toned. It also works on your back shoulder muscles by adding strength to them as well.

Cable lateral raise

With the cable lateral raise, you may target the muscles at the rear of the shoulder in a simple yet effective manner. It is a less popular form of lateral rise due to the fact that it necessitates the use of cables and equipment, which may be challenging for persons who do not have access to these items. It is utilized as a substitute for people who are unable to use dumbbells or who do not have access to them at all because of a physical disability.

In order to use cables, the individual should be standing with their feet hip-width apart and holding one end of the cable in each hand at chest level while working with them. When doing this motion, a frequent approach is to maintain both hands facing inside, with the palms facing downwards. In order to complete the motion, they will raise one hand towards their head while simultaneously lowering the other hand towards their waistline. As a consequence, one arm will be stretched up towards the target area.

Egyptian lateral delt raise

The Egyptian lateral delt raise is a muscle-building exercise that involves raising the arms up and down in an alternating pattern while using the shoulders to do it.

In the shoulder region, this exercise predominantly targets the deltoid muscles, with a little amount of stimulation provided by the latissimus dorsi muscle group. Adding this exercise to a weight training regimen before doing heavy chest exercises might aid to warm up the muscles in your chest area. This exercise may also be used to assist develop shoulder strength and stability, which are vital for daily actions such as lifting shopping bags and prying open jambs.

Egyptian Lateral Raise

Egyptian laterak raise exercise

The Egyptian Lateral Raise is a fantastic shoulder workout that you should try out. In addition to the medial deltoids, the posterior deltoids and trapezius muscles are targeted during this exercise as well.

If you want, you may do this exercise in a sitting posture with weights in both hands, but keep in mind that it will be more difficult than performing it while standing with weights in both hands.

The Egyptian lateral raise is an excellent exercise for targeting and strengthening the muscles on the back of your shoulders.


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Why is it called Egyptian?

The Egyptian lateral raise is a weightlifting exercise that provides a fantastic workout for the muscles in the shoulder, back, and upper arm. It is performed with a barbell.

The origin of the Egyptian lateral rise remains a mystery at this point. It is often referred to as “Arthur Jones’s” in honor of its creator. In addition, some refer to it as an “Egyptian” lift, owing to the fact that it resembled the labor done by ancient Egyptians of their everyday life, which consisted in moving huge stones from one location to another.


What muscles does the Egyptian lateral raise work?

The Egyptian lateral raise is a back exercise that also strengthens the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles.

A weight training exercise known as the Egyptian lateral raise targets the lower back, gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quads. Many various forms of equipment, including dumbbells and barbells, may be used to do this exercise.


How high should a lateral raise be?

An efficient way to build your shoulder muscles is by doing a lateral raise. The whole point of this exercise is to lift a weight sideways with a slight bend in your elbow.

The ideal height for the weight you are holding during the exercise should be at about waist level. This will help you work on your front and back deltoids evenly. Keeping your elbows close together is another way to ensure that you are working on both sides equally.

Doing a lateral raise can be done with either one or two arms at a time, depending on what suits you best and what feels most comfortable for your body type.

The lateral raise is an excellent way to build up your shoulders without straining any muscles in your back and neck and it’s easy to do anywhere, anytime!


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Tips when starting your first Egyptian lateral raise

Starting with Lateral Exercise

The Egyptian lateral raise is one of the most effective back, shoulder, and rear-end exercises available today.

Use of too heavy weights is not recommended.

When raising the weight, be sure not to raise it too high with your upper body.

For those who find this exercise difficult, start with lighter weights or stick to a version of it, such as a bent-over row.


Conclusion to the Ultimate Guide to the Egyptian Lateral Raise

The lateral raise is a weight-training and fitness exercise that involves raising one leg over the other. In this form of the dumbbell shoulder raise, the deltoids, trapezius muscles, and rhomboids are targeted for increased strength and size.

Improves core stability, increases muscular mass in the arms, and strengthens the shoulder joint, among other benefits.

We hope you have found our tutorial on the Egyptian Lateral Raise to be useful and informative.